Painting Wattles

The wattles are flowering and we have seen them at Bush Kinder and along the nature strip as we walk to the Mobile Library.  WE picked a sprig of wattle to put in a vase at Pre School and we used this to inspire some painting this week.  The children enjoyed this and so we might try to paint some other native flowering plants in the next few weeks.  WE did a blue ‘wash’ on white paper with a sponge for the background.  We used the sides of thick card to make the stems and leaves and we used pom poms to print the blossoms.

Rain Sticks

We have been making ‘Rain Sticks’ to encourage some rain as our area is going through a very dry spell at the moment.  This is having an impact on families and farms in the area.  Our rain sticks are filled with rice and when the children move them the rice sounds like rain.

African Drumming






We went on an excursion to Ouyen Kinder to watch the African Drumming performance.  The children were also able to participate.  Then we had morning tea and a play with the Ouyen children.  It is good for our children to have the opportunity to participate in a setting with a lot more children.  Thank you for the invitation Ouyen Kinder – it was a fun day.

Busk Kinder – Week 1






Last week was our first week at Bush Kinder for 2018.  The children revised the safety precautions at the site.  The group walked around the permitted play area, tied up balloons so parents could find us, practiced their snake drill and learnt about campfire safety.  We cook baked potatoes on the campfire and went for a walk along the channel.  We saw some white daisies and some wattle flowers.  The children rebuilt some cubbies from last years group and had a long walk along the road.  Back in the classroom the children drew in their Drawing Story books about their experiences.







Lilly has been watching our lemons grow for a long time.  Today was the day we got to pick the lemons from the tree.  We made Lemon Delicious Pudding with them and enjoyed it for morning tea.







This we there has been some general talk about measuring.  We have shown the children a way to measure and compare using blocks as an informal unit of measure.  The children could count the blocks to see who was taller.

Painting Technique

Hunter painted a ‘Rainbow Muddy Puddle’.  He used a technique popular with ‘Impressionist Painters’ by putting blobs of colour side by side so that the eye can mix the colours (called juxtaposition)  Of course Hunters blobs are on a giant scale – but the effect is still the same.

We have mounted this painting and encouraged Hunter to share his technique with everyone.

Loose Parts






We had icy pole sticks and pegs in our World Tray for some ‘Loose Parts” play.  The children made a dog, horse and lots of abstract creations.  Play with these loose parts develops our imaginations and fine motor skills.

Fossicking for Opal






Mitchell has just been on a big holiday and spent a night at Coober Pedy in an underground house.  He did some fossicking for opals.  We had a bag of rocks the children could fossick through.  We googled opals so we knew what we were looking for.  Unfortunately we only found some white ones.