Good Mood/Bad Mood






Following on from the story about The Bad Mood and the Stick, we painted some mood clouds and added happy and sad faces to them.  We made a list of things that make us in a ‘Bad Mood’ and ‘Good Mood’.  Here is the list:


When I don’t get to play Gameboy/video games.

When someone makes me angry.

If no one plays with me.

When I don’t get ice cream.

When someone pinches me.

When someone messes my house.

When I don’t get enough sleep.


When I get ice cream/special food.

When someone gives me a hug.

When people play with me.

When someone smiles at you.

When I have enough sleep.

When someone lets me play my Gameboy/Video games

When I see flowers out.

When I go on holidays.

Sleeping in.


We also had a discussion with the children the impact of getting ‘things like food and playing on Gameboys all of the time to turn a Bad Mood around.  Thinking about what makes us feel good or bad and verbalise these events is important in helping children cope with feelings.  It is important that children recognise that they have the power to turn a “Bad Mood’ around.  See if you can guess which event puts the teacher in a “Bad Mood’!!

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